She writes and SheSpeaks 2019

I try not to overemphasize everything as “life changing.” Because honestly some moments and experiences are amazingly awesome but our lives return to status quo pretty quickly. So when I say that SheSpeaks 2019 was life changing, I mean it completely changed my perspective, my approach and my momentum. It was the push, the kick in the butt, the “Aha” moment I needed. It’s taken me months to process it all and I’m still not done. But I’m here (Heyyyy WordPress!) because after years of sidelining I needed to put myself out there again. It’s not easy putting your thoughts, your work, your heart out for public consumption, risking rejection, trying to separate the constructive criticism from the unnecessary barbs. And while I generally like connecting with people, there are some days it feels like a floodgate has been opened and the socializing of networking can become overwhelming (extroverted introvert here).

This conference was an investment in me, and as a wife and mom, I was reminded that it’s okay to invest in my dreams and passions.

I am extremely grateful to Lysa Terkeurst and her team at Proverbs 31 for creating a space for women to be themselves, be educated, be encouraged, be connected and most of all seek God. This was my first year and most definitely will not be my last.

Dream. Invest. And write on, friends


Read the Sign

“No Left Turn”

I’d seen this sign regularly on my drive into the office. I assumed it meant I couldn’t make a left turn onto a particular street. For months I made right turns and drove side streets until one morning I noticed two cars making the forbidden left turn. My internal traffic cop was appalled so I decided to take another look at that sign. Upon further inspection I realized, that while the placement was confusing, that sign was not meant for my lane of traffic. So what’s the point?

How are we reading the signs in our lives? Are we adhering to signs that were meant for someone else? As a follower of Jesus, I know God has a unique plan and purpose for my life. But if I’m not careful I can misinterpret or altogether miss the signs He provides. As a writer, I have to adhere to the signs that direct me to authentic creative expression. Where are my energies best utilized? How does my creativity best flow?

Here’s to paying attention and correctly reading our signs.

Great Writers…

“Great writers are great readers.”-Lysa Terkeurst

I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember. My Little House on the Prairie book set ranks as one of my favorite Christmas gifts as a kid. The regular library visits my parents began with me as a child, I have continued with my own children. So I would say I was a pretty great reader.

But I am challenged by Lysa’s suggestion that as a great reader I not only read to savor the story, I also read to study the author’s craft. Take notes. What moves me? Why? What works? What doesn’t work? How can I apply it to my own style and craft? So logical yet such a light bulb moment.

Write…and read…On, my friends!


Writing Prompt: Interrupted by a chapter of loathing

Her mirror once reflected a distorted truth
Skin too dark
Hair too coarse
Nose too big
Distortion born of comparisons
Fed by erroneous standards
Created by inferior minds
Her beautiful book of Life
Interrupted by a chapter of loathing


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I write because I have a passion for the written word. I have a brain overflowing with stories and ideas that must be recorded and shared. I exercise my pen and my keyboard for my freedom. The flow of my words therapeutic, a divine intervention. Published or unpublished, hundreds of readers or just one; my gift is not diminished, my call no less important.

Why do you write? Re-evaluate. Refocus. And let’s write on, friends!

No Day Like Today

Wow it’s been literally years since I’ve posted. I thought I might make a New Years resolution or a holiday declaration to jump back in but I figured there’s no day like today to start anew.  A lot has changed in the world of blogging in my absence  and I realize I’m probably way outdated here. But my goal is to simply write and for now I will do just that.

Been reading…She’s Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurst . It has actually been a catalyst for my return here. Her honest words of encouragement spoke to the girl who used to sit for hours filling notebooks with stories and poetry, who sometimes daydreamed about sitting on a talk show couch to discuss her latest work (thanks to Oprah’s Book Club). She spoke to the woman who has filled journal after journal with musings, stories and essays, who keeps picking up the dream but allowing life to knock it down again. A great read if you’re pondering “where do I go from here?”

Been writing…A few months ago I joined COMPEL , an online community of resources, training, and support for writers. I also entered my first contest there, for an opportunity to write a devotion for Proverbs 31 Ministries (you can read an excerpt over at Barnabas Blessings). I was commended on my title but encouraged to work on my lead in. I would be lying if I said the criticism didn’t sting a bit, not because it wasn’t valid or constructive (which it was and very kind); but simply because I’m human. In the far recesses of my mind existed a small shimmer of hope that someone would read my submission and say “She’s got it!” But, c’est la vie! I have work to do and life goes on. I’m just happy to say that I tried. I took a step toward my goal and that’s all that really matters.

The journey continues. Write on friends!